Angelica Comics is a new Independent Comic Publisher from Northern Ireland with a passion for telling stories that entertain and inspire.

Our first offering will be “Acolyte” (previously “Cluster”). The main characters were introduced in 3 prelude stories published in Mother Udder Comics anthology, “Tales from the Udderverse.”

If you’ve not read the prelude stories yet, then grab a copy of “Tales from the Udderverse,” here or from the link at the bottom of this page. The print version is only £5, inc. FREE U.K. postage! A steal for a beautiful 48 page Prestige Format anthology! And that includes free U.K. postage! If you prefer to read it on your device, then its also available as a digital download for £2.

The first full issue of “Acolyte” was already in production when COVID-19 hit, and it is pretty close to being finished.

This is a temporary landing page and I’ll be deveoping the site more over the coming months. One thing I’ll be doing is creating a blog which will introduce the background of the whole storyline, including the prelude stories of “Harla,” “Sarna,” and “Ezra.” So please follow us on social media or sign up to follow the blog.

My plan is to unbox the whole concept behind this story, including the preludes on this site, so you all can have a decent idea of how it all fits together. The continuity suffered a bit as I worked with a different creative team for each prelude, but it was great experience working with such a broad group of international collaborators. In Issue #1, I’ve had a team from Spain, India and Brazil helping me bring the story to life, and I’m excited to be able to share that with you all. My hope is to tie down a consistent team moving forward. Watch this space.

Thanks again for checking out Angelica Comics!

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